A subgroup of Meet a Mentor

The aspiring CTOs is a small community of people on a similar path to becoming a CTO.


Our members are engineering managers, tech leads, architects and senior developers.

Why should you join?


Learn about

the CTO role

Hear from experienced CTOs about what the role is all about, what challenges they have faced, what skills CTOs require and the lessons and strategies they have learned over the years.

Follow in the

footsteps of others

Hear from experienced CTOs about the steps they took to progress to the top. Discover how their journey compares to others and which shortcuts
they have found.

meet with

other aspiring ctos

One of the best parts of the group is to connect with others that are on a similar journey to you, understand their motivations, find kindred spirits and people you may work with for years to come.
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Hear about

interesting opportunities

Whilst the group is not based around recruitment, there will be CTO jobs posted out where relevant which will give you a chance to understand what people are looking for in a CTO.

attend events

and make connections

There are regular events, opportunities to connect with mentors, links to larger CTO slack groups and a library of relevant content supported through
an email list. 

find out about

other communities

This group is organised by RecWorks, the team behind the London CTOs, Meet a Mentor and the LJC. Join and find out about other communities you
can get involved in.

Get connected, starting here

We look forward to welcoming you to our community of Aspiring CTOs.