A subgroup of Meet a Mentor

The aspiring women speakers is a small community of women in the tech industry on a similar path to improving their public speaking skills.


Our members are typically developers, tech leads, engineering managers and CTOs who would like to build their presentation skills with a view to doing more internal or conference talks.

Why should you join?

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Master nerves and

imposter syndrome

You will learn about the techniques experts use to deal with nerves. Understand how to beat imposter syndrome and become confident in yourself as a subject matter expert.
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Create engaging


Develop skills to create engaging presentations from scratch including how to decide what to talk about, how to structure your presentation and keep your audience engaged.

Practice speaking

and get feedback

If and when you are ready, you will get a chance to put the skills you’ve learned into practice at our regular speaking events. You will receive feedback from experts on specific areas you can improve.
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Meet others on

a similar journey

You can meet with others women who have decided to get into speaking and are dealing with similar issues, some will have given their first talks and others will be just getting started.

Events, Q+As,

resources and interviews

We hold regular events, interviews with experts, opportunities to connect with mentors, a library of relevant video and written resources supported through an email list.



This group is organised by RecWorks, the team behind the London CTOs, Meet a Mentor and the LJC. Join to find out about other communities you can get involved in.



I really enjoyed yesterday's Q&A session

“I really enjoyed yesterday’s Q&A session. Thank you very much for giving us privileged access to other women in the technology industry, get to learn from their experience, and be inspired by them.”


Solange Gasengayire

It's given me loads more confidence

“It’s given me loads more confidence – it’s one thing for your friend and mentor to tell you that you’re good at this stuff, it’s another thing to hear it from external parties who aren’t as invested in me. I can’t wait to get on a stage.”


Helen Scott

We look forward to welcoming you to our community of aspiring women speakers.