I *really* enjoyed yesterday's Q&A session

I *really* enjoyed yesterday’s Q&A session. Thank you very much for giving us privileged access to other women in the technology industry, get to learn from their experience, and be inspired by them.

Solange Gasengayire

It's given me loads more confidence.

It’s given me loads more confidence – it’s one thing for your friend and mentor to tell you that you’re good at this stuff, it’s another thing to hear it from external parties who aren’t as invested in me. I can’t wait to get on a stage.

Helen Scott

It's a friendly group and an excellent place to start

This group has started me on the road to being more confident in public speaking.  Even just doing small talks has improved my confidence and also made me question and re-affirm my own knowledge.  The feedback has always been constructive and helpful.  It’s a friendly group and an excellent place to start for getting in front of people and improving yourself!

Chris Melikian


We look forward to welcoming you to our community of aspiring speakers.