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The best part? It’s all free.

What are we all about?

Our community has over 2800 members from the UK tech industry.
This includes over 800 mentors who range from student level to CTO level.
By matching mentors and mentees within the community, Meet a Mentor allows you to
open a dialogue to discuss new technologies, career goals and troubles.
Meet a Mentor also offers an approachable, friendly mentor matching service within the community.
We run an active online Slack group, Mentoring Events and 1-2-1 mentorship opportunities.
Now we think that’s pretty special.
Meet a Mentor is a free initiative founded and run by RecWorks Ltd.

Why connect with a mentor?

Mentors in the Meet a Mentor community can help you answer a variety of questions related to your career, whatever stage you’re at. Below are some examples of typical questions we receive from people at various levels.

We’ll let the numbers do the talking.

Number of mentors
Community size
Number of successful intro’s

What happens when you sign up?

Well, a real human matchmaker will match you up with suitable mentors. Then, all of the magic happens in our dedicated Slack group, where we make introductions to mentors. This is also where regular discussions take place. If you’ve never used Slack, it’s a simple online platform for communication with over 6 million daily users. A modern-day MSN.

After that it’s up to you on how you build your relationship within the network and with your mentor or mentee. Meet for coffee, chat on Skype, invite them to your wedding. The ball’s in your court


Our Mentors are awesome. They work at

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deutsche bank
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Our Mentors are awesome.
They work at


Our mentors have been there, they’ve done it. They’ve got a whole wardrobe of t-shirts. They are now in a space in their careers where they want to give something back, so they volunteer as mentors through Meet a Mentor. From international conglomerates to London’s hottest startups, our mentors come from far and wide. Scroll up to see some of the big names. From senior developers to experienced CTOs, contractors to business leadership.

The initiative was founded by Barry Cranford and continues to be run by him and the team at RecWorks. Meet a Mentor also has the backing of The London Java Community (LJC), the London CTOs, the Front Engineers and a number of other communities with many of our mentors coming directly from these communities after seeing the value of being part of the groups.

Nope. All things Meet a Mentor are free. All that is asked of you is that you are enthusiastic and want to learn. But hey, we do accept gifts.

We’ve been laying our foundations since 2007, originally as a branch of the established London Java Community (LJC). Meet a Mentor was created by Barry Cranford, who wanted to close the gap between academia and industry, offering a helping hand to students who were just starting out. This has since evolved to include all levels in the industry. Barry identified a deeper need for meaningful connections and career conversations and made it happen. With a range of CTOs, engineers and senior developers coming together, Meet a Mentor opens the door to a network of experienced individuals.

Meet a Mentor has been in the making since 2007, from the conception of The London Java Community (LJC). 2012 saw speed mentoring events for students, with the group evolving to include many levels within the industry since then.

In 2017 the focus changed from this style of event to creating a space for personal intros. So, the Meet a Mentor Slack group was born. Since this point, hundreds of introductions have been made. Check out the numbers to see how many we’ve made to date.

Not at all, many of the mentors and mentees speak over Skype or on phone calls if and when meetings are not possible.

Once you’ve joined the slack group you will be approached as soon as possible (usually within a few hours) by Helen or Barry. They will introduce themselves, tell you more about the service and provide options of potential mentors that we could introduce you to.


Join one of our community-driven learning groups.

We currently have groups for aspiring speakers, aspiring CTOs and aspiring interim CTOs. With more coming very soon!

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Meet a Mentor wouldn’t be possible without the brilliant team at RecWorks.
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