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Interim and Fractional CTOs

A subgroup of Meet a Mentor

The interim and fractional CTOs group is a small community of CTOs who are interested in working in an interim capacity or developing more of a portfolio career. 


Our members include interim CTOs, fractional CTOs or full time CTOs that aspire to work in this way. 

Why should you join?

Interim and Fractional CTOs

Meet interim


Hear about other CTO’s experiences as an interim, the way they find their clients, what their first 30 days looks like and how they spend their time both in roles and between projects.
Interim and Fractional CTOs

Meet fractional


Hear about other CTO’s
experiences as a fractional CTO and learn how to sustain a portfolio of clients, how to bill for your time as well as how much to charge and what a typical project looks like.
Interim and Fractional CTOs

Connect with mentors

and coaches

Connect directly with people that have been sustaining these careers for 5-10 years and connect to mentors and coaches that can help you make the steps necessary.
Interim and Fractional CTOs

Meet others on

a similar journey

You can meet with others who have decided to get into speaking and are dealing with similar issues, some will have given their first talks and others will be just getting started.
Interim and Fractional CTOs

hear about

actual opportunities

We are working on a system to bring you genuine opportunities for work with clients for interim projects and fractional advisory
work as well as introductions to potential clients.  
Interim and Fractional CTOs

attend events and

tap into resources

There are regular interviews, opportunities to connect with mentors, a library of past interviews and relevant content supported through an email list.