What is a mentor and why should I want one?


Introducing Meet a Mentor.


How can I become a tech lead one day? Should I know more about cryptocurrency? Should I stop having sugar in my coffee? So many questions, even broader conclusions.

Anyone can face uncertainty when it comes to planning career steps, especially when our digital world is evolving at such a wild pace. We could compare it to Bitcoin, but that’d be a bit cheap. Or expensive, or cheap, or expensive. You know what we mean. With this in mind, it’s difficult to figure it all out yourself.

With new technology and specialisms cropping up more often than your Jenkins limit, there are now so many exciting opportunities to explore. Seeking answers and support from outside of your current network can only expand these horizons further. Why not chat to someone that’s been where you are now.

So, this all sounds great. We love that employers are encouraging internal mentorship, but in-house set-ups are limited to their own advice, existing mainly as a retention tool. With 71% of Millenials in our industry aiming to move employers within two years (source), we ask one simple question. What is going to happen when you move on and lose touch with your mentors from work? Well, we’ve got good news. We have been developing an exciting out-of-office network of mentors and mentees since 2007 and the doors are open.

Allow me to introduce you to the Meet a Mentor community, founded by RecWorks. Officially launched in April 2017, we have exceeded 380 members and we’re fastly approaching 400 introductions.  

“The biggest positive outcome from this was getting honest, quality advice from professionals that was also practical.”

This is just one comment from one of our mentees, who connected with a mentor through our network of 80+ Senior Developers and CTO’s. Our mentors are here to discuss anything from your specific career goals to actually crafting these out with you from scratch. Our mentors know how far a little help can go – the guidance they’ve had in the past has helped them get to where they are today. They now get involved with Meet a Mentor to give something back, so in short, they are on-hand to support you.

The beauty of the Meet a Mentor approach is that it’s completely up to you on how you would like to move forward once we have made the initial introduction. Meet for a coffee, have a call, invite them to your wedding. It’s in your hands. Whatever your current role, interests or specialisms, you’ll become part of our brilliant community Slack group. Here, you’ll be involved in discussions and mentorship events.

It’s easy to join in and as free as the air you’re breathing. Why wait?

So, why do we do it? RecWorks are not your average tech recruiters. We are community-driven and believe in building long term relationships with great people. We do this all free of charge because meeting the industries talent this way certainly beats cold calling. You can trust us on that one.

We will be evolving Meet a Mentor throughout 2018, so watch this space for updates and success stories from 2017. If you’re currently on the job-hunt, tell us more about what interests you, either by registering your CV or by contacting RecWorks.